DON'T HAVE CASH? No problem! We also keep updated on all the new technology. We DO have debit/credit card readers, so if you don't carry cash, just swipe to take a bite! From fresh foods, to snacks, to office coffee, give us a call to see what Midwest can do for you.

We offer a complete line of fresh brewed coffees, so if you and your employees love coffee in your office give us a call!

Pods single cup: Ugly mug, Pod Pack= Liquiid Coffee: Sara Lee, and so much more! We have traditional office coffee to Keurig and we keep updated and bringing new things into vending just like the Kuerig Cafe.

Keurig Machines - We are an authorized dealership of Keurig products. Order you k-cups from us! Keurig is for everyone! With our FREE 3 day trial you can see if its something that would work in your office. Everyone can have their favorite, whether its coffee, tea, hot chocolate or even iced coffee! It's hard to make everyone happy, but with Keurig you CAN!

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"Serving the Greater Miami Valley since 1969"

We sell commercial Keurig Machines! These are commercial grade units engineered to stand up to the toughest demands of commercial use and brew about 10 times the volume of a typical home brewer.

B140- Price: $149.90

B150- Price: $249.00